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Friday, December 26, 2008

For those that didn't...

Well, if you didn't get one of these, here are a couple of pictures to show you what you are missing...Been awhile since I have had a White Christmas here, now I am just TIRED of shoveling snow...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Is it that time already?

Wow, I know completely slacking over here.

First off, Merry Christmas to all my blog readers, especially those who have kept checking back hoping for a new post.I have been real busy lately working and have lost the free time that I once had to pound away at this lonely keyboard and send such interesting tidbits everyone's way. I can't promise things will get much better in the immediate future, but once I get this computer network upgrade finished I do hope to have some additional spare time to get back to blogging.

What? You don't believe work is the only thing that has kept me busy? But you know I am a workaholic, right? Alright, alright I give... While out stargazing one night last fall a particularly interesting woman stumbled into my life. So while I was out searching the dark night sky for shooting stars I never imagined that I would meet a lovely lady. Four months later, she has managed to survive my mood swings, my busy schedules, my late working hours, random departures to play fireman and my cooking; so when I haven't been slaving away at work, re-certificating my medical skills, saving damsels from flaming houses (Okay so maybe not quite that heroic), upgrading computers and network architecture, I have been enjoying her company and getting to know more about her and her family.

So there you have it, a quick update and a few tidbits on what has been happening in my life... Hope the Holiday Season finds you all well, may you and your company's travels be safe and wish you all a Happy New... Awh, wait I still have a week to get that done...